Storm Season Is Here

The storm season is here with its destructive, strong winds and torrential rainy days and nights.

The storm season presents risky situations for home and property owners throughout the state, as they may lead to severe damage to property. Buildings that are old or already have roofing problems, gutter blockades, and drainage issues are particularly prone to such disasters.

Preventative measures against harsh weather conditions can save you a lot of suffering and loss. Planning ahead, during the storm season is essential for the safety of homeowners.

Prepare your home for the storm season by following these simple tips to protect your property and loved ones:

Remove all overhanging branches and complete regular tree trimmings.

Clear your gutters and drains of any debris.

Check around your house and yard for anything else that could fly up and hurt someone or damage your home.

Give your roof and ceiling a thorough check for any types of cracks or leaks. Repair any leaks or cracks right away.

If you have skylights installed in your house or office, keep them protected with screens and fitted glass windows.

Prepare a storm and weather emergency kit so you have everything you need in one place. Let everyone in your home know where this emergency kit is.

Whilst it is extremely important to take physical preventative measures to protect your home, you can’t prepare for everything.

The best preventative measure you can implement is a good insurance policy. You need this to safeguard you and your family from any financial losses. There are various types of insurance products available. Those specifically designed for storm and other weather conditions may include flood insurance and natural disaster insurance.

Losing your home or having your home damaged due to a natural disaster can become extremely costly. You could lose your home completely or have to pay for damages out of your own pocket. This isn’t just financially taxing; it’s emotionally taxing as well. Having insurance will give you the peace of mind you need. You will know that everything will be taken care of for you, if tragedy does strike.

We safeguard your property and contents against the aftereffects of severe storms. We offer the most extensive insurance coverage for building contents and can cover all the costs of rebuilding the structure in case of a total loss situation.

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