Take a look around your business and you’d be surprised how much glass you’ll see.

How can we help?

Accidents, malicious damage and bad weather can all cause breakages, which can cost you financially as well as create security risks. We’ll help you to understand the risk factors and figure out the potential cost to your business if your glass were damaged or broken, and then find the products that suit your needs.

We can help get you cover for:

  • Damage to internal and external glass
  • Loss of or damage to signs
  • Cost of replacing sign writing or ornamentation affixed to the broken glass
  • Replacing burglar tape or wiring affixed to the broken glass
  • Replacing shatter-resistant or reflective film affixed to the broken glass
  • Replacing damaged window frames and tiled shop fronts, but with due allowance for wear and tear
  • Destruction of stock in trade or contents

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