Whether you own and operate aircraft, own an airside property, work in an airside environment or supply products used in aircraft, we’ll help you do what you do, with greater peace of mind.

How can we help?

It’s about understanding which insurance products available on the market could protect the assets that matter most to your business, and also allow you to defend your legal liabilities.

We work with:

  • Private and commercial aircraft sectors
  • Aircraft hangar owners
  • Aircraft repairers/maintenance workers
  • Fuel suppliers
  • Airside service suppliers, such as cleaners and caterers
  • Civil contractors

And can arrange a tailored solution for the following areas:

  • Protection for aircraft against damage resulting from accidents, fire, explosion, storm, impact, theft, and a host of other insurable events
  • Protection of aircraft operators’ legal liabilities during flight, taxiing and ground operations
  • Specialist legal liability protection for property owners of airside properties, such as hangars, to protect against damage or injury matters
  • Specialist legal liability protection for contractors whilst working airside in and around aircraft
  • Specialist liability protection for suppliers of aircraft components to guard against property damage and/or personal injury actions
  • Employment disputes, which can easily arise from employees for wrongful dismissal, discrimination, bullying, non-promotion, and a host of other statutory legislation. Even if unsuccessful, the defence costs can be significant
  • OH&S fines resulting from an injury to a worker who was not following safe work practices
  • Tax audits conducted by the ATO, which can result in significant accountants’ fees to comply with the audit

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